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All the work we do is of the highest quality which we pride ourselves upon. We are clean, fast, reliable and do a fantastic job every time.

If you are looking for gutter cleaning around Huntingdon, Cambridge & Stamford areas then we are the right choice for you!

Our gutter cleaning equipment is commercial grade so nothing but the best will be cleaning your gutters ! We offer commercial strength solutions utilising the latest technology available to make sure all the dirt etc is removed making your gutter areas of your house look as good as new.

Using our gutter cleaning & driveway cleaning  service we will keep your home's exterior areas clean and save you money in the long term. The outside areas of your house can be very expensive to fix if issues occur, which is why gutter cleaning & driveway cleaning  is a fantastic way to make sure you can keep maintenance costs down.

Mr Clever Clean provides gutter cleaning services in the Peterborough & the surrounding areas. We also provide, driveway cleaning  & chimney sweep services to offer our customers a comprehensive cleaning solution. From an aged gutter to the built up dirt or mould , our gutter cleaning services are bound to amaze.

Gutters should be cleaned on a regular basis. If left un-cleared gutters blocked by leaves and moss can cause the following problems:

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Mr Clever Clean supplied Driveway Cleaning  to the family featured in the

BBC One series 'DIY SOS: The Big Build' and was used as part of a life changing transformation to the home of a family in Spalding.

Peterborough Gutter Cleaning Services

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You can find your local Mr Clever Clean

contact number on the interactive map below. Just click on your area.

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Many people ask us if it is important to clean your gutters out every year.

Over the years we have found that it is advisable to clean at least once a year.

The reasons are as follows.

If moss collects in your gutter it will normally wash to an area of the gutters where it will then form a barrier as soon as this happens more and more contaminants like sediment will build up and before long the water will not be able to get to the downpipe and empty from your gutters.

When this happens it forms a barrier and your gutters will start to back up with water.

This of course leads to 2 problems.

The water will eventually overflow from the gutters and fall on anything that is below them, sometimes this can be a porch or a window frame or literally just running down your brick wall. This will cause damage long-term and it is recommended that you resolve this problem by having your gutters cleaned. The other problem that happens is when the water can't escape and it just collects and remains in the gutters for a long period of time.

This however will start to drip leak from the seals of your gutters because you gutters are not designed to hold water for long periods of time their main job is to remove the water as quickly as possible to the downpipe. Also if water is left in the gutters during the winter months this can form into ice and when the ice expands it can cause damage to your gutters and seals.

The other thing that people don't consider is the fact that the water can become quite dirty and stagnant.

For instance because it is up out of the line of sight people don't realise exactly how dirty the water can be. If you were to pretend to lower the gutter and have it near the threshold of your front door and you had to step over it you certainly would have removed all the dirty and disgusting stagnant water as soon as you first see it.

The great thing about using a skyvac gutter cleaning machine is it will also pick up all the small grit which is virtually impossible to remove with hand tools or other methods to clean gutters. We have found many gutters in the Peterborough area that have been left so long that the sediment has actually made for a good compost and then weeds and plants have started to grow.

Again these can cause serious damage to the gutter brackets and seals due to the roots trying to force through any gap that they can squeeze into. So to keep on top of your gutters by keeping them clean and healthy every year will protect your home and property and avoid costly repair bills in the long run.

If you'd like to know more or would would prefer to have a chat with one of our team we will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

Just visit our contact us page and fill in your details and a member of staff will be happy to contact you to arrange a free quotation or discuss any requirements that you have.